Break the bias: International Women’s Day 2022 T-shirt

Starting tomorrow, International Women’s Day 2022, an international day of celebration for the women and girls all over the world who have been fighting for gender equality.

In the years to come, it will become more and more important to remember how far we’ve come since first invented International Women’s Day back in 1917. We should celebrate this day as a reminder of everything we as a society have achieved and what is yet to accomplish. This year’s theme is ‘breaking the bias’. They hope by celebrating unequal societies through creating awareness and tolerance, women will be able to avoid being treated unfairly in future years.

Of course I agree with this sentiment completely; however there are some things that I think need adjustment. Firstly, observing International Women’s Day in 2022 only gives us a little over five years to create awareness of the issue and attempt to resolve inequality among women. This doesn’t seem like a reasonable amount of time for the countries across the globe, especially when we’re going to be focusing on eliminating ‘bias’ from our minds and break down gender stereotypes all over the world.

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Break The Bias 8 March International Women's Day 2022 Purple T-Shirt
Break The Bias 8 March International Women’s Day 2022 Purple T-Shirt

Secondly, in this time-span there will be many girls who will not be able to attend school because they aren’t receiving an education while they wait for the men in their lives to return (many who are currently fighting in war zones). Others will be suffering under the rule of men who do not care to provide them with rights and privileges.

There are also a multitude of issues in the countries that already have equality and where women are however not getting treated fairly; they’re only getting equal pay for doing equal work, they’re only being represented in a handful of roles in politics, and they still face sexism every day on a daily basis.

What about the countries where women are almost equal there still are stereotypes about what males usually do versus females? In some countries boys don’t even get to attend school if their families can’t afford it or if there is no one qualified enough to teach them. In other countries the female figure is often viewed as less than a man in every aspect of their life. This includes the way they dress, and often talk, their physical strength and independence, and their sexual freedom.

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