Best Dad Ever T-shirt Gift for son

Come to think of it, most dads are already pretty great to their kids. They play with them, teach them new things, and give them plenty of love when they need it most. But for the few bad eggs in the bunch, we found this “Best Dad Ever” T-shirt. And it’s not all talk — the tee pledges to do 50 pushups every time you buy something from their online store. With this dad shirt, you can give your old man a “pat on the back” for being one of the good ones.

Product Description

Relive the glory days of your childhood with this shirt from “Best Dad Ever.” Proclaiming that your old man is the best dad around, this shirt honors all of the things he’s done for you over his lifetime. Whether it was running after you when you were running away or making sure that you always had food in your stomach, he’s the guy who makes life better.

About Best Dad Ever

Best Dad Ever brings the perfect solution to dad shirts — affordable, funny, and high-quality tees for all occasions. The image on the shirts is printed by them directly onto a sweatshirt which is then heat pressed onto the tee. These shirts last through many items of washing and are actually quite comfortable considering the material used to create them. The custom designs are printed with dye sublimation printing which is actually better quality than screen printing as it doesn’t fade in sunlight or after washing.

There are many different designs and styles available so be sure to explore the entire catalog. Best Dad Ever is running a Father’s Day Giveaway that you can enter. They are also giving away one shirt out of every two as part of their “Made for You” program. You can check them out by clicking the image above or visiting t-shirtat.com

All T-shirts are made in the USA and have been tested for quality assurance in order to meet all safety standards.

Today, some companies that make t-shirts have outsourced much of their production to places like China in order to cut costs. Even though they may be cheaper they often have lower quality graphics or fade quicker in the wash due to the poor quality fabric.

Best Dad Ever shirts are not made in China but are actually made in Los Angeles! The company strives to make high-quality products that will last.

We pride ourselves on their unique, original designs and stand behind everything that we sell. We are confident that you will like your new shirt enough to wear it often and tell others about our company.

To receive the quote from the Best Dad Ever website:

1) Go to Best Dad ever t-shirt

2) Click the “ADD TO CARD” button on the top left side of the screen. Then click “Continue”.

3) Give Best Dad Ever your information in the next popup. Note: You will need to enter all information, even your full name and address. You will also be required to leave a phone number where someone from BDE can contact you when your order is ready to ship.

4) The quote page opens up and you have the option to purchase right away if you are comfortable with that or click “Not Now”. Clicking “Not Now” will send you back to t-shirtat.com with an email thank you note for shopping at Best Dad Ever.

5) Then, click “Continue to Checkout” to complete your order.

6) Click “Pay Now”.

Reviews from Real Customers

This is my third shirt from this company in a week! They are very good quality shirts that are made of super soft material.

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