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GettyImages 1810206255

In a historic triumph for FOX NFL, this year’s Thanksgiving feast served up a record-breaking viewership experience, making it the most-watched early game in the network’s history.

As families gathered around their screens to enjoy the annual NFL Thanksgiving spectacle, FOX delivered a broadcast that captured the attention of fans nationwide. The early game, featuring intense gridiron action, not only showcased the spirit of Thanksgiving football but also set a new benchmark for viewership.

Breaking all previous records, FOX NFL’s Thanksgiving broadcast became the most-watched early game in the network’s storied history. The remarkable achievement underscores the enduring popularity of the Thanksgiving football tradition and highlights FOX’s ability to connect with a broad and engaged audience.

As the NFL continues to be a cornerstone of American sports culture, this record-breaking viewership reaffirms the sport’s significance in bringing communities together, especially during cherished moments like Thanksgiving.

FOX’s commitment to delivering compelling and captivating football coverage, combined with the allure of Thanksgiving Day matchups, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the landscape of televised sports. The success of this broadcast not only reflects the passion of football enthusiasts but also underscores the power of sports to unite audiences across the nation.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, FOX NFL has given fans a reason to celebrate not only the game but also the communal joy that comes with sharing this annual tradition. With this historic viewership milestone, FOX has once again proven its prowess in delivering unparalleled sports entertainment to a captivated audience.


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