Las Vegas Crowd Savagely Booed ESPN’s Malika Andrews During NBA In-Season Tournament Award Ceremony (VIDEO)


ESPN’s Malika Andrews, a 28-year-old sports reporter, finds herself under continued scrutiny from NBA fans in the aftermath of the Josh Giddey investigation. Andrews has drawn attention for her prolonged silence on the matter, especially since she previously questioned 2023 NBA Draft prospect Brandon Miller months ago regarding his involvement in a murder investigation.


The situation took a turn when former Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant publicly criticized Andrews for what he perceived as disproportionately focusing on legal issues surrounding a black prospect, while allegedly overlooking wrongdoing by a white player. Despite Bryant later offering an apology for being too harsh on Andrews, it appears that the NBA fanbase remains unwilling to move on.

This sentiment was starkly evident during the in-season tournament trophy presentation after the Lakers’ victory over the Pacers. As Andrews was introduced to the crowd, she faced a barrage of boos from those in attendance, underscoring the lasting impact of the controversy.


Andrews’ handling of these high-profile investigations and the subsequent fallout has become a topic of intense discussion and debate within the NBA community. Whether Andrews can rebuild her rapport with fans and regain trust remains uncertain, but the ongoing backlash highlights the challenges faced by sports reporters in navigating sensitive issues and maintaining public perception.

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