BREAKING: James Harden Makes NBA History vs. Warriors


In a remarkable Thursday night faceoff against the Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers’ star James Harden etched his name in NBA history by reaching the 25,000 career points mark, joining an elite group of only 24 players to achieve this milestone.

Harden’s historic achievement comes amidst the Clippers’ impressive turnaround, entering the game with a noteworthy five-game winning streak, currently the longest active streak in the NBA. The former Rockets and Nets player has played a pivotal role in this resurgence, showcasing his versatility and playmaking abilities on the court.

Despite the initial challenges faced by the Clippers during the adjustment period integrating Harden into the team, they are now reaping the rewards of their strategic move. While a five-game losing streak was an unexpected start, the Clippers are witnessing the realization of their envisioned synergy as a team.

Recognized as a high-level playmaker and scorer, Harden has seamlessly integrated into the Clippers’ lineup, making life easier for stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The presence of either Harden or Russell Westbrook on the court provides the Clippers with a rare luxury – an elite playmaker for both the starting lineup and second unit.

Harden’s achievement on Thursday night not only solidifies his place in NBA history but also emphasizes his ongoing impact as one of the league’s greatest scorers. As he continues to ascend up the career points list, the Clippers can rely on Harden’s focus and determination to contribute significantly to their pursuit of an NBA title.

The story of James Harden reaching the 25,000 career points milestone is not just a testament to his individual brilliance but also an exciting chapter in the Clippers’ journey towards success this season. Stay tuned for more updates as the Clippers, led by Harden, aim to make a mark in the league.

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