After previous NBA success, former dunk champion Glenn Robinson III is looking for another league opportunity


In a pivotal December night in Milwaukee, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s record-breaking performance stirred up a postgame debate not only in the NBA but also in the G League. As the Bucks’ and Pacers’ affiliates battled in Indianapolis, the question arose: should the game ball go to Antetokounmpo or to Pacers rookie Oscar Tshiebwe, who marked his first NBA points?

While the basketball world debated, Glenn Robinson III, a seasoned seven-year pro, reflected on his own NBA journey. Robinson, now wearing the No. 13 jersey for the Wisconsin Herd, recounted his experience in the league, from playing in Philadelphia, Indiana, and Detroit to his career-best stint with the Golden State Warriors.

Returning to the G League after two years away, Robinson embraces his role with the Herd, aiming to be a vocal leader and mentor to younger players. The G League, once considered a stepping stone, has evolved into a more viable option for players with the increased talent level and improved financial incentives, such as the Exhibit 10 contract, now valued at $75,000.

Despite his achievements in the NBA, including a memorable dunk contest victory in 2017, Robinson spent the last two years on a mental break, pursuing education at Harvard Business School and launching entrepreneurial ventures. Now 28, he is focused on guiding his teammates on financial literacy and planning for their futures.

While Robinson acknowledges the uncertainty of an NBA comeback, he remains resilient and open to the unpredictable nature of the journey. His presence with the Wisconsin Herd has not only showcased his on-court skills but also his leadership qualities, earning praise from Bucks staffers.


As the G League season unfolds, Robinson, adorned with crystals for tranquility and a copper ring for energy, seeks to channel his experience and wisdom back into the NBA. The Milwaukee veteran workout provides a glimmer of hope for Robinson’s return to the league, as supporters root for one of the game’s good guys to reclaim his place among the NBA elite.

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