The latest 2024 NFL mock draft from Fox Sports’ Nick Wright has the Raiders trading up for Jayden Daniels


Throughout the 2024 NFL mock draft season, LSU QB Jayden Daniels has consistently been considered a top prospect, despite concerns about his elbow. Many experts have predicted him to be selected within the top three picks.

In the most recent NFL mock draft by Christian D’Andrea, Daniels is projected to be taken as the second overall pick by the Washington Commanders. However, there’s speculation about what might happen if Daniels experiences a drop in the draft. This scenario is explored in the latest mock draft by Fox Sports’ Nick Wright.

Wright predicts that Daniels could fall to the fifth overall pick, where the Las Vegas Raiders would select him. To secure this pick, the Raiders are projected to trade their No. 13 pick, along with pick No. 77 and a first-round pick in the 2025 draft.

This speculation adds an element of uncertainty to Daniels’ draft prospects, highlighting the intrigue surrounding the upcoming NFL draft.

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