NBA star can’t escape the Minions in hilarious new trailer for ‘Despicable Me 4’… after fans claimed he looked like Steve Carell’s iconic character Gru


NBA Fans Compare Star Player to Gru from “Despicable Me” in Hilarious Teaser for “Despicable Me 4”

Denver Nuggets’ NBA star Nikola Jokic has taken the internet by storm after appearing in a side-splitting teaser for “Despicable Me 4,” following widespread comparisons to the animated character Gru, portrayed by Steve Carell. Last week, social media platforms erupted with jokes likening Jokic’s appearance to that of Gru, with the Serbian athlete donning a familiar outfit and Gru’s signature wrap-around striped scarf.

The humorous comparison gained traction, with even the Nuggets joining in on the fun, jesting, “Going to play basketball or going to steal the moon?” in a social media post.

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Embracing the lighthearted banter, Jokic commented, “I mean, I love the guy and I love the cartoon, and why not just have a little bit of fun, too?” This came after Jokic led the Nuggets to a 114-103 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of their Western Conference playoff series.

In a clever twist, Jokic’s attire in the teaser appears to foreshadow his role in “Despicable Me 4,” where he seeks therapy because the Minions mistake him for their leader. The teaser features Jokic conversing with a therapist while clad in a suit, lamenting how everyone perceives him as Gru.

“I thought I looked really good that day. I put on this beautiful suit that said, ‘I mean business’,” Jokic quips to his therapist, to which she inquires, “Then what happened?” Jokic responds with exasperation, “They say I look like Gru.”

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Despite the jests, Jokic remains unfazed, asserting, “It doesn’t bother me,” although he admits, “Because they won’t leave me alone.”

On the basketball court, Jokic reigns supreme for the Nuggets, boasting impressive stats with an average of 26.4 points, 12.4 rebounds, and nine assists per game this season. He is a strong contender for a third MVP award and was the Finals MVP last season when the Nuggets clinched their first NBA title.


Jokic’s dominance was evident in the Nuggets’ recent triumph over the Lakers, where he contributed 32 points and 12 rebounds. Looking ahead, Jokic expressed determination, stating, “To be honest, we are desperate, too. We don’t want to lose at home.”

As the Lakers seek redemption in Game 2 at Ball Arena, where Denver boasts an impressive 34-8 record this season, Jokic remains focused on maintaining the Nuggets’ winning streak, emphasizing the importance of matching the Lakers’ intensity.

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